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Quebec City

Quebec City offers indisputable proof that
North America has a secular history
and an ancestral culture.


Three centuries of colonial conquests, a French, English and finally Quebec regime, are at the origins of the unusual architectural aspect of Quebec City.
The juxtaposition of French, English, North-American, modern and secular constructions in the same urban scenery, gives the city a very interesting anachronic character, and is at the very least unexpected... you either like it or don't like, but you can't remain indifferent...


The capital of New France under the French regime (1608-1759), then the fortress-city of the english colony and capital of lower-Canada under the English regime (1763-1867), Quebec became the provincial capital at the time of the canadian Confederation in 1867 (creation of Canada into federated provinces).

In light of this brief history, one must not be surprised to find here the most precious riches of the Canadian and Quebecois heritage, such as: the Parliament, administrative buildings, provincial politic institutional buildings, public commemorative places, many historic monuments and ancestral dwellings, each one having been restored in the style of the era.

With the presence of secular districts and due to revived activities, Quebec city has nothing to envy its French, Irish and English cousins.

We willingly admit that Quebec's charm comes from the combination of historical, cultural and architectural factors, however we must not forget the geophysical one. A glance at the surrounding landscape easily explains why Champlain chose this place to set the foundations of the French civilisation in America.

View of the terrasse and Château Frontenac from
Hôtel et Condominiums Terrasse Dufferin

N.B.: This is the Quebec flag, and this is the Canadian flag. The coexistence of the two emblems (federal and federated) on a sovereign territory (Canada) is explained by Canadian constitutional law. Canada chose a federated form, contrary to France that is governed by a singular state and has only one flag.


Quebec is first and foremost a city of contrasts, an animated place where original activities abound and you'll find the best entertainment, summer and winter.

Ancient / modern . low / high . popular / trendy . stone / concrete . wood / plastic .
french / english . multimedia shows / Medievals . Summer Festivals / Winter Carnival .
theater / movie theaters of all types . electric cars / carriages
are all words revealing some of the character of Quebec City, its residents and the entertainment that awaits you.

For example, here is an agenda of dates to remember in order to take full advantage of your stay in Quebec:


Quebec: a tourist city above all

Given the tourist facilities within the city and its surrounding area you can be certain to find all you need for an unforgettable stay. Furthermore, its convention center (under construction) will meet all your convention needs. Among the tourist facilities within are: Hotels, restaurants , museums, parks, ski stations, golf clubs, ...

Some tourist activities are suggested, such as: guided tours, carriage rides...

Quebec is a mixed mosaic of picturesque districts

A simple stroll through Quebec's streets offers a great distraction by virtue of the wide discrepencies from one district to another. Each of them has a different and unique caracter resulting from historical evolution, the highlighting of cultural properties, urban development measures, as well as local initiatives.



In Quebec: Security goes with reality

Finally, it should be noted that Quebec and its surrounding cities are renowned as safe and secure. In fact, Quebec City is proud to have one of the lowest crime rates in North America (see Annual Report of the Quebec City Police Service).

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